The German Peat Society

The DGMT fosters professional exchange between science, conservation of mires and nature in general, the peat producing and processing industry as well as all other branches and authorities dealing with peat and peatlands.

Being the only organisation in the German speaking countries that covers the whole of peat-relevant topics, the Society is able to offer its competency to develop broad concepts for the management of peatlands.

The mission of the DGMT is the enhancement of research into peat and peatlands within different areas.

Altogether 350 experts from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Greece, Russia, Finland and Norway are members of the Society. They deal with important questions and help to resolve peat-related problems at national and international level.

For instance, members of the DGMT are widely involved in the development of mire protection plans, but also in studies on the availability of peat as a raw material, working at different nature protection and governmental bodies.